Meet the ROCIA Staff

Elaine Carlson

Director of Membership & Finance

I was raised on a farm in Montgomery County, graduating from Villisca, Iowa. I am married to Kerry Carlson who was born and raised in Red Oak. A month after we were married, we started our journey by transferring around the state with Kerry’s job. We have been married 30 years and have three grown children. Our older two live in other cities, so it’s a joyous time when we can all be together as it doesn’t happen very often.

One of my favorites memories of when my children were younger is how they would react as the great big orange pumpkin on the hill came into sight when we were traveling home for a visit. They knew that no matter what direction we were coming from, that we were almost to Grandma’s house. As each grew older, they learned that the pumpkin was really the Red Oak water tower. In 2009, twenty-one years later, we had the opportunity to move back “home” and have been so happy to be here and involved in our community again!

Elaine Carlson

Beau Boeye

Events & Marketing Coordinator

Red Oak is my hometown and I’m proud to be working towards enhancing its future. You can find my wife, Anna, and I occasionally at the Red Oak Farmers Market where we sell garden produce and baked goods. We have two dogs, two cats, a newborn on the way, and two buildings downtown we’re working on restoring.

When traveling the country during my college years, I realized how beautiful Southwest Iowa truly is, and because of that, I happily replanted my roots back into the ground of my hometown. I’m so thankful I did so.

Farmer Boeye

ROCIA Communicator

The ROCIA Communicator is a weekly newsletter that’s sent out every Wednesday morning highlighting the various events and promotions throughout our community.