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2nd Annual Shady Tree BBQ Contest (Junction Days 2019)

June 29

2nd Annual Shady Tree BBQ Contest

2nd Annual Shady Tree BBQ Contest
Junction Days 2019

Saturday, June 29th, 2019
Historic Downtown Red Oak, Iowa

Over $5,000 in CASH PRIZES!

DEADLINE EXTENSION! Register by NOON on Friday, June 28th

$100 entry fee includes meat for 4 categories:

  • Chicken
  • Pork Spare Ribs
  • Pork Butt
  • Rib Roast

Cash awards for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th in each category.

Judging Schedule:

  • Chicken – 3 PM
  • Pork Spare Ribs – 4 PM
  • Pork Butt – 5 PM
  • Rib Roast – 6 PM


  1. Each team will consist of a chief cook and as many assistants as the chief cook deems necessary. All participants must be properly registered.
  2. Each team will be assigned a cooking space and will need to operate within the designated boundaries. Space will not be shared by teams.  Electricity will be provided if needed.
  3. Teams will adhere to all electrical and fire codes and will maintain a safe environment. A fire extinguisher shall be near cooking devices and appropriate containers will be available for ash and cinders.
  4. It is the chief cook’s responsibility to see that the team’s assigned cooking space is clean and orderly. At the conclusion, all fires extinguished and equipment removed from the site.  It is important that you leave the area as clean as you received it.  Dumpsters will be available and / or nearby.  Do not place ash, embers or cinders in trash containers.
  5. Cooking / fires shall be of wood, wood pellets, charcoal, gas and electric.
  6. Turn in times:
    1. Chicken – 3 PM
    2. Pork Spare Ribs – 4 PM
    3. Pork Butt – 5 PM
    4. Rib Roast – 6 PM

Note:  The allowable turn time will be 5 minutes before to five minutes after the posted turn in time.  Turn in times will be announced prior to turn in periods.  A late turn in will receive a 0 in all criteria with no tolerance.

  1. Meat shall not be sculptured, branded or presented in a way to make it identifiable. Rosettes of meat slices are not allowed.  Violations of this rule will be scored a 1 on all criteria by all judges.
  2. Sauce is optional. If used it must be applied directly to the meat and not be pooled or puddled in the container.  No side sauce containers allowed.
  3. Entries will be submitted in the supplied containers provided by contest organizer. Contest provider will mark and identify the contestant.
  4. The containers will not be marked by contestant in any way. No foil, toothpicks, skewers, foreign material and the like will be allowed.  Any violation to this rule will receive a 1 in all criteria from all judges and disqualified.
  5. Each contestant must submit 3 portions of meat to be judged. The product can be chopped, pulled, sliced or diced.  Ribs shall be turned in bone-in.
  6. Safety rules:
    1. No use of tobacco products while handling meat.
    2. Cleanliness of the cook and staff is deemed important.
    3. Shirt and shoes are required.
    4. Maintain a sanitary cooking environment.
    5. Prior to cooking, meat must be maintained at 40 degrees F or less.
    6. The meat provided by the 2019 Shady Tree BBQ staff is the only meat that will be allowed on the competition cooking devices. No other similar meats will be allowed to be cooked on sight.  If you choose to cook other products for team or personal consumption those products must be identified to the BBQ staff and cooked on a completely separate cooking device.
  7. There will be no refunds.
  8. Organizers decisions and rules changes are final.
  9. Causes for DQ and Eviction:
    1. Excessive use of alcohol. The chief cook and his registered team are permitted to consume.  Guests and family members cannot consume unless they are in the confinement of the designated beer garden.
    2. Use of illegal controlled substances.
    3. Excessive foul and abusive language.
    4. Fighting and disorderly conduct.
    5. Theft, cheating, dishonesty and the use of prohibited meats.


Contact contest organizers Derrick Bucy (712-370-1070) or Roger Vial (712-370-7218).

Have fun; enjoy the day and thank you for coming to the 2019 Shady Tree BBQ Contest!

Registration Form:

If you don’t want to pay online or register online, please click here to download a PDF copy of the registration form.


Red Oak Chamber and Industry Association
(712) 623-4821


Historic Fountain Square Park
300-398 E Reed St
Red Oak, IA 51566
(712) 623-4821

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