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Apple Branches
Address: 810 Broad Street
Red Oak, Iowa 51566
Phone Number: 712-623-5867
Business Contact: Tom Iverson
Business Contact: Ann Iverson
Business Contact: Rita Leinen
Business Description:

Apple Branches is an occasional, vintage, handcrafted and repurposed market located on Red Oak’s Heritage Hill Tour. Being eclectic, intriguing, and plain “fun” describes the enterprise.

Address: 2015 P. Avenue
Stanton, Iowa 51573
Phone Number: 712-621-4057
Business Contact: Barb Allen
Business Description:

Independent Consultant for the #1 Brand skincare in North America. Rodan + Fields has taken the market by storm, launching revolutionary skincare products that have earned them the titles of not only the fastest growing skincare company but also the #1 anti–age brand. Contact me for a free personal skincare

Birdie’s Fabulous Frames
Address: 827 East Nuckols Street
Red Oak, Iowa 51566
Phone Number: 712-370-0949
Business Contact: Trisha Earley, Owner
Business Description:

I create ready-made or customized decoupage photo frames using handmade craft paper, tape, yarn, ribbon, etc. Buyer may select from my inventory or customize their own.

Carol Sothman – Independent Scentsy Director
Address: 2895 180th St.
Clarinda, IA 51632
Phone Number: (641)202-4040
Business Contact: Carol Sothman
Business Description:

The Scentsy Mission: To bring value to the world by providing an industry-leading, family-friendly business opportunity selling creative, artistic, high-quality products that WARM the heart, ENLIVEN senses, and INSPIRE the soul!

Finch & Lilac Photography
Address: 1505 O Ave.
Red Oak, Iowa 51566
Phone Number: 719-339-1508
Website Address: www.finchandlilac.com
Business Contact: Laura Kloewer, Owner
Business Description:

Finch & Lilac Photography is a lifestyle & freelance photography business; specializing in capturing your family, business, or event with a natural documentary & artistic approach. My goal is for each photo to stand alone as a stunning piece of art and then come together as a compelling collection to tell your story.

Fouts Innovation & Design
Address: 1413 Forest Ave
Red Oak, Iowa 51566
Business Category:
Phone Number: 712-370-0664
Public Contact Email: [email protected]
Business Contact: Bryan Fouts, Owner
Business Description:

The VacHook™ is the #1 Tool to Remove Hair From Vacuum Rollers!

Remember To Clean Your Vacuum Regularly! Most Importantly, Remove Hair From Vacuum Rollers.

More frequent cleaning will reduce strain on a vacuum motor and belts, resulting in lowered maintenance costs to replace warn parts. Clean beater bars will pick up more dirt faster than a fully hair wrapped one which reduces cleaning time with fewer passes. A clean vacuum will pick-up 80% more dirt in fewer passes which cuts down vacuuming time. Stop using scissors and knives and risking personal injury. Use a tool designed for the job!

The VacHook™ is the Greatest Tool You Never Knew You Needed! Made of High Quality Stainless Steel, the VacHook™ is built to last. Quickly and Easily Clean Your Vacuum Roller of…

Pet Hair
Human Hair
Synthetic Hair
Carpet Fibers
Fishing Line

The Many Benefits of the VacHook™!

Removes hair from brush style vacuum cleaners.
Safe and ergonomic design.
High quality stainless steel for years of use.
Optimize your vacuum and increase productivity.
Reduce operational costs.
Using scissors & knives can damage the beater bar.
Decreases the chance of personal injury.
Cleaning faster without disassembly.
Promotes more routine cleaning.
Helps reduce the spread of germs and particles.

Heritage Hill Pottery
Address: 905 Prospect Street
Red Oak, Iowa 51566
Phone Number: 712-623-2131
Business Contact: Cecelia Lock, Owner
Business Description:

“Handmade pottery for artful living and artful giving,” by clay artist, Cece Lock.

Address: 1890 215th Street
Red Oak, Iowa 51566
Phone Number: 712-370-0277
Business Description:

Quality skin care solutions for all your skins needs.

Mulberry Ridge
Address: 2340 220th Street
Stanton, Iowa 51573
Phone Number: 515-460-5559
Business Contact: Andrea Spencer, Owner
Business Description:

We sell farm fresh produce & flowers. We create locally handcrafted Christmas wreaths and centerpieces using fresh greens & vintage finds.

Address: 2169 U Ave
Villisca, Iowa 50864
Business Category:
Phone Number: 712-621-0998
Business Contact: Jill Cooper, Consultant
Business Description:


Address: 62702 250th Street
Glenwood, Iowa 51534
Phone Number: 712-246-5691
Public Contact Email: [email protected]
Business Contact: Carli Davis, Ambassador
Business Description:

Girls clothing sizes 6 – 16

Address: 2390 J Avenue
Red Oak, Iowa 51566
Phone Number: 712-623-4654
Business Contact: Jan Renander, Owner
Business Description:


Safety Sport Mirror Company, LLC
Address: 1500 Sunny Slope Drive
Red Oak, Iowa 51566
Phone Number: 712-587-1503
Business Contact: Wayne Donohue, Owner
Business Description:

I manufacture and sell a bicycle eyeglass and helmet visor mirror. I also sell through the website and Amazon.com. I currently have 51 dealers, from Califorina to Singapore.

Walnut Creek Acres
Address: 1066 260th Street
Emerson, Iowa 51533
Phone Number: 712-623-9079
Business Contact: Darwin & Lori Johnson, Owners
Business Description:

Gift baskets, custom baking, honey, jams, dry mixes, and more.

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