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1753 215th Street
Red Oak, Iowa 51566
Kevin Britten, Owner

AgriSmart Information Systems develops online software services for companies involved in applying agricultural crop protection products by aircraft or by ground application equipment.

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AgriVision Equipment Group, LLC
2405 North 4th Street
Red Oak, Iowa 51566
Jeremy Ostrander, CEO
Cory Crawford, Manager

AgriVision serves the needs of local farmers and homeowners with the purchase, service, repair, and parts of John Deere equipment.

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Belt Auto & Trailer Sales
300 East Washington Street
Red Oak, Iowa 51566
Evan O. Belt, President
Dane Belt
Used auto dealership and repair; golf cart sales; trailer dales; four generation family-owned business.

Used auto dealership and repair; golf cart sales; trailer dales; four generation family-owned business.

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1940 G Avenue
Red Oak, Iowa 51566
Sale Brockshus, Owner


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Dickel Duit Outdoor Power, Inc.
2227 State Highway 48
Red Oak, Iowa 51566
Dick Larson, Owner/President
Audrey Larson, Secretary/Treasurer

Master sales and service for outdoor power products including equipment for yard work, concrete work, landscaping, logging, tree trimming, gardening, and standby generators.

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Goranson Seed and Crop Specialist
1965 G Avenue
Red Oak, Iowa 51566
Mark Goranson, Owner

Pioneer seed sales and crop services.

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5505 NW 88th Street
Johnston, Iowa 50131
Jenni Richards, District Field Manager

The Iowa Corn Growers Association (IGGA) is a membership organization lobbying on agricultural issues on behalf of its 8,000 members.

JBI Distributors
201 W. Reed Street
Red Oak, IA 51566
Ron Von Dielingen
Craig Steen

We provide disinfectant to the agriculture industry and any other markets needing disinfectant that is non corrosive, non toxic, and biodegradable. Biosecurity and animal welfare.

Servicing D7 Solutions – Poultry Biosecurity Foaming Trailers, Transport Trucking Disinfectant and Trailer Wash Centers, Processing Facilities – Harvest, RTE and Packaging, Restaurants, Breweries, Grocers, Food Suppliers, Live Animal Producers

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1890 US Hwy 59 North
Shenandoah, Iowa 51566
Gil Gee, President
Kim Gee, Vice President

Service & sales garage doors & openers. All makes & models. Commercial & residential. Authorized Raynor Garage Door Dealer and Wick Post Frame Dealer.

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Nachurs – Alpine Solutions
1705 North Broadway
Red Oak, Iowa 51566
Darrin Fisher, Plant Manager

Wholesale producers of starter fertilizer and industrial liquids.

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Orscheln Farm & Home Supply
2400 North 4th Street
P.O. Box 441
Red oak, Iowa 51566
Steve Sawyer, Manager

Regional retail outlet specializing in farm, hardware, automotive, clothing, lawn and garden merchandise.

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Parker Ag Innovations, Inc.
1993 A Avenue
Emerson, Iowa 51533
Tina Parker, Owner

Parker Ag Innovations is a family-owned and operated agribusiness located just east of Emerson. Parker Ag offers quality personalized products and services for local agriculture.

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Precision Diesel, Inc.
1956 G Avenue
Red Oak, Iowa 51566
Rex Varilek, President
Pat Varilek, Office Manager

Precision Diesel provides diesel service/repair on agricultural, automotive, and construction applications. We provide specialized fuel injection service as well as on-engine diagnostics and repairs.

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United Farmers Coop
203 West Oak Street
Red Oak, Iowa 51566
John Pruss, General Manager

Retail agriculture products, hardware and lumber, convenience store. Other locations in Stanton and Villisca.

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