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Address: 1753 215th Street
Red Oak, Iowa 51566
Business Category:
Phone Number: 712-623-4446
Business Contact: Kevin Britten, Owner
Business Description:

AgriSmart Information Systems develops online software services for companies involved in applying agricultural crop protection products by aircraft or by ground application equipment.

AgriVision Equipment Group, LLC
Address: 2405 North 4th Street
Red Oak, Iowa 51566
Phone Number: 712-623-4858
Business Fax: 712-623-2762
Public Contact Email: [email protected]
Website Address: http://www.agrivision.us
Business Contact: Jeremy Ostrander, CEO
Business Contact: Cory Crawford, Manager
Business Description:

AgriVision serves the needs of local farmers and homeowners with the purchase, service, repair, and parts of John Deere equipment.

Belt Auto & Trailer Sales
Address: 300 East Washington Street
Red Oak, Iowa 51566
Phone Number: 712-623-2538
Business Fax: 712-623-3146
Website Address: http://www.beltac.com
Business Contact: Evan O. Belt, President
Business Contact: Dane Belt
Short Business Description: Used auto dealership and repair; golf cart sales; trailer dales; four generation family-owned business.
Business Description:

Used auto dealership and repair; golf cart sales; trailer dales; four generation family-owned business.

Address: 1940 G Avenue
Red Oak, Iowa 51566
Business Category:
Phone Number: 712-623-3566
Business Contact: Sale Brockshus, Owner
Business Description:


Goranson Seed and Crop Specialist
Address: 1965 G Avenue
Red Oak, Iowa 51566
Business Category:
Phone Number: 712-623-2650
Business Fax: 712-623-9647
Business Contact: Mark Goranson, Owner
Business Description:

Pioneer seed sales and crop services.

Address: 5505 NW 88th Street
Johnston, Iowa 50131
Phone Number: 515-229-9981
Website Address: www.iowacorn.org
Business Contact: Jenni Richards, District Field Manager
Business Description:

The Iowa Corn Growers Association (IGGA) is a membership organization lobbying on agricultural issues on behalf of its 8,000 members.

JBI Distributors
Address: 201 W. Reed Street
Red Oak, IA 51566
Phone Number: 712-357-0002
Public Contact Email: [email protected]
Business Contact: Ron Von Dielingen
Business Contact: Craig Steen
Business Description:

We provide disinfectant to the agriculture industry and any other markets needing disinfectant that is non corrosive, non toxic, and biodegradable. Biosecurity and animal welfare.

Servicing D7 Solutions – Poultry Biosecurity Foaming Trailers, Transport Trucking Disinfectant and Trailer Wash Centers, Processing Facilities – Harvest, RTE and Packaging, Restaurants, Breweries, Grocers, Food Suppliers, Live Animal Producers

Address: 1890 US Hwy 59 North
Shenandoah, Iowa 51566
Phone Number: 712-246-2265
Website Address: www.geebuildingsystem.com
Business Contact: Gil Gee, President
Business Contact: Kim Gee, Vice President
Business Description:

Service & sales garage doors & openers. All makes & models. Commercial & residential. Authorized Raynor Garage Door Dealer and Wick Post Frame Dealer.

Nachurs – Alpine Solutions
Address: 1705 North Broadway
Red Oak, Iowa 51566
Phone Number: 712-623-4956
Business Fax: 712-623-2415
Business Contact: Darrin Fisher, Plant Manager
Business Description:

Wholesale producers of starter fertilizer and industrial liquids.

Orscheln Farm & Home Supply
Address: 2400 North 4th Street
P.O. Box 441
Red oak, Iowa 51566
Phone Number: 712-623-9577
Business Fax: 712-623-9507
Business Contact: Steve Sawyer, Manager
Business Description:

Regional retail outlet specializing in farm, hardware, automotive, clothing, lawn and garden merchandise.

Precision Diesel, Inc.
Address: 1956 G Avenue
Red Oak, Iowa 51566
Phone Number: 712-623-9233
Business Fax: 712-623-2840
Business Contact: Rex Varilek, President
Business Contact: Pat Varilek, Office Manager
Business Description:

Precision Diesel provides diesel service/repair on agricultural, automotive, and construction applications. We provide specialized fuel injection service as well as on-engine diagnostics and repairs.

United Farmers Coop (C-Store)
Address: 203 West Oak Street
Red Oak, Iowa 51566
Phone Number: 712-623-5453
Business Fax: 712-623-9154
Business Contact: John Pruss, General Manager
Business Description:

Retail agriculture products, hardware and lumber, convenience store. Other locations in Stanton and Villisca.

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