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Faith Community Church
Address: 2701 North 8th Street
Red Oak, Iowa 51566
Phone Number: 712-623-3472
Business Fax: 712-623-2204
Public Contact Email: [email protected]
Business Contact: David MacDonald, Senior Pastor
Business Contact: Becky Cerven, Office Manager
Business Contact: Pastor Stephen Beaulier
Business Description:

Faith Community Church offers spiritual guidance to people, of all ages, through worship services, dynamic children and youth ministers and small groups.

Whatever it takes: Connecting people to God and each other through Christ.

Address: 514 North 4th Street
Red Oak, Iowa 51566
Phone Number: 712-623-9433
Business Fax: 712-623-6392
Business Contact: Dr. John Thomsen, OD, Owner
Business Contact: Dr. Linda Thomsen, OD, Owner
Business Contact: Dori Hampel, Office Manager
Business Description:

Comprehensive vision care for the entire family. Contact lenses and contact exams. Full dispensary.

Fareway Meat and Grocery
Address: 811 North Broadway
Red Oak, Iowa 51566
Phone Number: 712-623-2651
Secondary Phone Number: Meat Department: 712-623-5648
Business Fax: 712-623-2651
Website Address: www.fareway.com
Business Contact: Kerry L. Carlson, Grocery Manager
Business Contact: Al Thole, Market Manager
Business Description:

We are an economical food store focused on saving you money on every purchase. Along with a full-service meat department, farm fresh produce, and carry-out service to your car. We offer one-stop shopping with matching competitors ads! Check out our new way to save money at Fareway! Download the app Invisipon or go to the website: www.invisipon.com

Farm Bureau Financial Services & Montgomery County Farm Bureau
Address: 950 Senate Avenue, Suite A
Red Oak, Iowa 51566
Phone Number: 712-623-5546
Business Fax: 712-623-5547
Website Address: www.iowafarmbureau.com
Business Contact: Bruce Bryant & Jamie Sifford, Insurance Agents
Business Contact: Toni Griffey, Office Administrator
Business Description:

Agricultural organization: member services, Ag, education, and legislation. Insurance and financial services,

Farm Credit Services of America
Address: 700 Senate Avenue
Red Oak, Iowa 51566
Phone Number: 712-623-5181
Business Fax: 712-623-3071
Business Contact: Corby Fichter, Vice President
Business Contact: Deb Bozwell
Business Description:

Agricultural production and real estate loans.

Farmers Mutual Telephone Company
Address: 410 Broad Ave
Stanton, Iowa 51566
Phone Number: 712-829-2111
Secondary Phone Number: (712) 829-7339
Business Fax: 712-829-2509
Public Contact Email: [email protected]
Website Address: http://www.myfmtc.com
Business Contact: Kevin Cabbage, CEO/GM
Business Contact: Craig Hagenau, Contracted Services & Sales Manager
Business Description:

FMTC Farmers Mutual Telephone Company is an independent rural telecommunications company providing a wide range of community based services. We have a proud 100-year history of dedicated, dependable and courteous service to the communities we serve.

We are a progressive company seeking to bring communication services that are competitively priced, superior in quality and responsive to the changing needs of our customers.

We will continue to offer our talents and resources to grow our business and our communities. We will meet the challenges of tomorrow by continuing our proud legacy of helping people communicate

Finch & Lilac Photography
Address: 1505 O Ave.
Red Oak, Iowa 51566
Phone Number: 719-339-1508
Website Address: www.finchandlilac.com
Business Contact: Laura Kloewer, Owner
Business Description:

Finch & Lilac Photography is a lifestyle & freelance photography business; specializing in capturing your family, business, or event with a natural documentary & artistic approach. My goal is for each photo to stand alone as a stunning piece of art and then come together as a compelling collection to tell your story.

Firehouse Restaurant
Address: 310 E Washington Ave.
Red Oak, Iowa 51566
Phone Number: 712-357-1388
Business Fax: 712-623-3478 (Call first)
Website Address: http://firehouse1898.com/
Business Contact: Tom Kennedy
Business Description:


Address: 1909 East Summit Street
Red Oak, Iowa 51566
Phone Number: 712-623-2897
Business Fax: 712-623-5865
Business Contact: Rev. William Brown, Pastor
Business Description:

First Christian Church is a part of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). We seek to reach inward, outward, and upward in service to our Lord. We are a friendly congregation and invite you to come and worship with us.

Address: 608 Reed Street
Red Oak, Iowa 51566
Phone Number: 712-623-2794
Business Contact: Don Morgan, Pastor
Business Description:

A place of worship and fellowship where all are welcome. Can provide weddings, funnerals, baptisms. Facility available for meetings, piano concerts, dinners, subject to approval by pastor or board.

Address: 211 East Hammond Street
Red Oak, Iowa 51566
Phone Number: 712-623-2195
Business Fax: 712-623-3714
Business Contact: Allen Dean, Pastor
Business Contact: John Gambs, Treasurer
Business Description:

Church which wants to reach to the community.

Address: 600 East Hammond Street
Red Oak, Iowa 51566
Phone Number: 712-623-2367
Website Address: https://redoakfumc.org/
Business Contact: Ronald Bupp, Pastor
Business Contact: Church Office 712-623-2367
Business Description:

Sunday Services at 8:00am in the Chapel & 10:30am in the Sanctuary

Fouts Innovation & Design
Address: 1413 Forest Ave
Red Oak, Iowa 51566
Business Category:
Phone Number: 712-370-0664
Public Contact Email: [email protected]
Business Contact: Bryan Fouts, Owner
Business Description:

The VacHook™ is the #1 Tool to Remove Hair From Vacuum Rollers!

Remember To Clean Your Vacuum Regularly! Most Importantly, Remove Hair From Vacuum Rollers.

More frequent cleaning will reduce strain on a vacuum motor and belts, resulting in lowered maintenance costs to replace warn parts. Clean beater bars will pick up more dirt faster than a fully hair wrapped one which reduces cleaning time with fewer passes. A clean vacuum will pick-up 80% more dirt in fewer passes which cuts down vacuuming time. Stop using scissors and knives and risking personal injury. Use a tool designed for the job!

The VacHook™ is the Greatest Tool You Never Knew You Needed! Made of High Quality Stainless Steel, the VacHook™ is built to last. Quickly and Easily Clean Your Vacuum Roller of...

Pet Hair
Human Hair
Synthetic Hair
Carpet Fibers
Fishing Line

The Many Benefits of the VacHook™!

Removes hair from brush style vacuum cleaners.
Safe and ergonomic design.
High quality stainless steel for years of use.
Optimize your vacuum and increase productivity.
Reduce operational costs.
Using scissors & knives can damage the beater bar.
Decreases the chance of personal injury.
Cleaning faster without disassembly.
Promotes more routine cleaning.
Helps reduce the spread of germs and particles.

Fres-co System USA, Inc.
Address: 2026 Fernwood Avenue
Red Oak, Iowa 51566
Phone Number: 712-623-8100
Business Fax: 712-623-6689
Public Contact Email: [email protected]
Website Address: www.fresco.com
Business Contact: Greg Armstrong, Plant Manager
Business Contact: Don Romig, Operations Manager
Business Contact: Jason Landess, HR Manager
Business Description:

Fres-co Systems USA is a premier provider of flexible packaging. This facility supports the coffee industry by producing flexible coffee bags.

Address: 508 Highland Street
Red Oak, Iowa 51566
Business Category:
Phone Number: Tim 712-370-2141
Secondary Phone Number: Kate 712-370-0446
Public Contact Email: [email protected] , [email protected]

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